Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My God is My Refuge

How am I so sure the next life is really any "better?"
I am not someone who has had a boatload of family support in my life. My life actually would make a rather good soap opera, if you ask me! But...because of this extreme amount of trouble and travail,  I have often been brought to my knees in suffering. And THAT is exactly where I found The Lord Jesus! and through my earthly suffering.

People wonder how I can have such a strong belief that my deceased children are truly "OK." I cannot understand how they cannot see it otherwise! It's THIS life where the enemy does his dirty work...NOT the next life! I cannot recall, at ANY time --reading anything-- that depicted or portrayed the afterlife of a Believer (or young innocent) as anything but wonderful! No ifs, ands or "but....s" about it...Heaven is a state of perfect peace.

But that doesn't mean we'll have no "oomph" left in us when we finally "get promoted"...!  We will be who we have always been meant to be from the get-go...from our mother's womb...from when God fashioned us at the very first. Before dysfunctional family rearing shaped (more like warped) some of us...before any number of evils that exist "here" invaded our little angel-like body...making it sometimes difficult to do something even as basic as to "trust."
~~Enter God~~ Enter His abilities to Restore, either in this life... or in the next life.

Nothing's impossible with Him and that has been  proven over and over, in my life. If I hadn't known trouble--I would not have had the amount of "on my knees and being gently lifted up under my arms" experiences, that have cemented my Faith in Jesus' saving abilities. And keeping of promises. Number one of which, to us bereaved Moms, is that our child is now with Jesus, joyful beyond our wildest dreams, in Paradise. Amen to that!

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance." 
         James 1 vs. 2, 3 (NIV)


dale said...

You are so right, Donna. Why wouldn't anyone want to believe in a loving Father, a Holy Savior, and a heavenly home that lasts forever...and that our loved ones are there waiting for us? I don't get it that someone would find comfort in that this is all there is. I have had many trials in my lifetime and came to know Christ at a young age. I have leaned on Him my whole life.

Since my son has been in heaven I have received the most wonderful signs and comforting peace that can only come from God. I would never have thought that I could write something like this. If anyone would have told me 3 yrs ago that I could feel this way about the most tragic event in my life, I would have not believed it. You and I are both living testaments to the wonderful love of our Creator who has our children and loved ones with Him. Thank you, Lord for allowing me to know that I know that I know.

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Yes, initially, I felt like my life was over when I was newly bereaved. If we are receptive to healing...Jesus can certainly give to us "...the peace of God, which transcends all understanding." (Philippians 4:7 NIV) Jesus offers His hand to us all, for healing; I believe when we grasp onto His hand...that is being receptive! United we stand!

Your faithfulness and courage inspire me, Dale. It isn't easy for any Mom to buck society's comfort zone (insisting bereaved Moms stay permanently depressed). With suicide as a component to your son's tragic death, society wants to maintain even more of a point the finger/keep her down mentality. Thank heavens our God is more merciful and generous than our fellow human beings can be! He is "expansive"--and they are "restrictive to the max"--that accuse... and don't understand that love is bigger than hate.

Linda said...

Hi Donna, Your words are uplifting and I do believe that Ed is well, beyond well and I stand on God's promises. But I miss my son...I just hold onto the fact that Ed is in God's love and protection and know we will be reunited one day.

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Linda, 37 wonderful years of having Eddie is sure to include many pleasant memories...and angst at the remembering. But whether we had our children for a short time or a longer length of time, I feel that "the missing" also can change it's tone.Over time, I (personally) found, that although I still miss them, the missing them "morphed" and became "different." It is similar to having missed someone dear that's been away for a very long time in a remote place where I have not been able to contact them. I miss them. I wonder about them. Are they thinking about me? How are they? Then I get "word" that they will soon be returning from their trip. NOW...instead of feeling extremely sad and worried I am feeling heightened expectancy that we will be reunited soon and able to share and catch up on all that's been going on! I am still not with them as they haven't yet returned...but I "feel" differently...excited they're coming back to me! Admittedly, this did take a number of years, but if this change happened to me, it's entirely possible it can happen to other Moms, too!

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