Monday, February 15, 2016


Today was my first class on improving brain fitness, taken for personal enrichment. As an intro, my teacher was all over the concept of how we "create" who we are. Our genetics, and upbringing etc, are all contributing factors...but it is how we incorporate all of those things--that make us who we are. We decide, ultimately. We are who we make ourselves to be. 

She told us that words have a powerful impact on us. How, if we continually tell ourselves "I can't "  or "I will never"--how we will live up to that self-imposed restriction. Because our mind affects our body and will create what we envision for ourselves. In this case, not a good thing.

I immediately started thinking of my fellow bereaved, who are, unfortunately, constantly telling themselves that it is impossible to recover from child bereavement.  This, of course, is so understandable, and my heart goes out to them.  Unfortunately though, to feel that way-- and to continually verbalize that--is a dangerous thing I feel. It can get harder and harder to get out of the downward spiral, because one is constantly reinforcing an idea. 

What I've learned today in class, is just how damaging it is, to continually tell yourself you can not do something...because we're hard-wired to "create" ourselves.  

This afternoon I was browsing through a catalog and saw this written on an item: 

                               Life isn’t about FINDING yourself
                               Life is about CREATING yourself

Maybe it was serendipity, because this was exactly what our teacher was telling my class today, in essence. I think the last line might better read, "CREATING your self. 

Our wonderful Lord said, "Nothing is impossible with God."  (Luke 1:37) We just have to have a tiny mustard seed size of faith--to accomplish what we think is impossible. Just a fervent desire to change our "stinkin thinkin', is a powerful thing.

Let the bereaved who feel there is "no hope" of ever recovering from child bereavement, start telling themselves they can, because you and God constitute a majority... and majority always rules! To repeat my teacher's words again, "Words are powerful!" Let's use them to our advantage. This life is hard enough--we don't need to make it any harder for ourselves!

Your sister in Christ,


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