Saturday, February 22, 2014

Of Flowers and Fading...

I was walking along the sidewalk, admiring the pretty foliage growing along the wall fence. There were lush flowers, in various stages of growth and decay. The thought occurred to me, that people and flowers have similarities…

We blossom into vivacious, eye catching maturity--a delight to the eye. Youth and vigor, fresh and vibrant--we radiate health and much admiration with prolonged gazing. Then... we all start to fade. Slowly and imperceptibly at first, we dry, wrinkle, and then eventually, physically wither away. (Thanks be to God, our souls remain fresh and everlasting!)

The last stage to me,  was the most interesting. The withered flowers dropped further and further down, pointing toward where they were going. They were hard to see after a certain stage of aging. Hidden and drooping behind tall, strong and thick green vines and leaves--they blended in and became almost invisible. The youthful flowers "stood" for approval.

But these aging and wilted flowers still have at least two purposes. Passively, they provide a vivid contrast, so that appreciation of youth and physical beauty can be fostered. And secondly-- they actively provide nutrients back into the soil, for enrichment purposes.  

The aging flower, just like mortals,  will continue to have usefulness, helping  the next-- perhaps non-familial yet interconnected nonetheless-- generation to grow...even long after its physical death…

They will still bear fruit in old age,
    they will stay fresh and green,

(Psalm 92:14)
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