Thursday, May 22, 2014


Recovering from the "loss of balance" from child bereavement, usually takes a long time. Why is this? I feel it is because we are struck repeatedly, and reel "backwards" from the blows. Kind of hard to regain balance and start moving forward again! More likely, we'll be licking our "wounds" for awhile!

When I undergo my earthly trial and tribulation, I can get bogged down. I think I'm doing overall pretty well/making progress in recovery, and then BAM! It's a staggering frontal blow and back I reel from the impact. The "winds of change"…can topple us, sometimes...

Many times something new will be discovered…an "I never thought of that before" idea hits me. Literally, "hits me"… If it applies to a current problem in my life, it can really set me back as I turn this object's shining facets all around, seeing where the rays of light gather the colors and where they "strike".

Why should we be surprised that it's hard to move forward? We keep getting punched back, as we process what's going on/what went on/ what can go on in the future…Over time, we develop a kind of armor, which often is relying on the strength of our Defender…

Our Lord Jesus, completed His most important earthy "task"…completely "still"-on Calvary. Moving forward, doesn't always have to imply materially or physically moving…one can sometimes appear "stationary"…and yet have made forward progress! That's why it is so very important not to judge one another on this journey. Who knows the "starting" point where they came from? Only God truly knows that information.

I find comfort, in running toward my Comforter during troublesome times.  I've even "seen" a kind of protective shield literally manifest in front of me once, during a scary unprovoked argument with someone. It was exactly as if this person chose to strike me, he was going to strike Jesus in front of me...The Lord promises to be our Shield, our Protector and our Comforter. He can and will strengthen us, when life's battles seem to be favoring the enemy. He alone can be trusted. When in doubt…TRUST...
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