I have been feeling incredibly blessed to have stumbled onto a new Bible version that has greatly expanded my understanding of the Old Testament in particular. It is the 

"THE MESSAGE" version of the Bible. The one I have is the larger sized one because the print is slightly easier to read on that sized edition. The font could be a tad darker for aging eyes, yet the content explanation is fantastic. It makes simple the difficult to understand; putting it into today's language so it doesn't read as if a foreign language before translation! 

I highly recommend "THE MESSAGE" version as a supplement to your usual favorite version, especially for passages that you struggle to "get." I bought mine on Amazon, yet it's easily available elsewhere, also.


~FEBRUARY~ has listed the 10 best online resources for those in grief-and I am posting a section of the article that lists these designated "top sites"...(info from TCF)

 According to, which describes itself as a comprehensive resource for people seeking mental health treatment and information, "the criteria we used to select our top 10 websites are quality and depth of content, presentation, and functionality." It described The Compassionate Friends as follows: "A nationwide nonprofit organization, The Compassionate Friends is designed to support and give resources to families who are coping with the death of a child. In addition to its wealth of information about healing grief, TCF holds national and regional conferences, (and) facilitates online and in-person support groups for grieving families . . ."
     Following The Compassionate Friends, websites named to the top ten in order, as listed by, were:; MISS Foundation; Recover From Grief; The Grief Toolbox; National Alliance for Grieving Children; Navigating Grief; Bereaved Parents of the USA; Losing Your Parents: and FriendGrief.



Grief and Loss 

This site has websites and blogs only about the bereavement experience, written by people from all walks of life. I found it so interesting-- all the varied responses to all the similar feelings and experiences we, the bereaved, experience.






I discovered an "Advent Calendar" put out by EWTN on their website. Every day of Advent has a nice prayer/devotion. Frequently, there's an "Advent Action"--a requested action to further Spiritual growth during this period of preparation for Christ's Coming. The link is found on the main EWTN website: 





 This website has lots of useful information for the bereaved. A moderated discussion board link is found on the right hand side. The person in charge has years of experience counseling the bereaved and seems very empathetic!



"Strength for the Journey with Joe Stowell"

There's lots to explore on this site! Joe Stowell started "Our Daily Bread" -- of which I have frequently used as inspirational daily reading material. It is often found on church reading/pamphlet racks! You can sign up to receive it free, in various forms, on this site. Check out my "Donna's Daily" for 10/1/12 to see a selection from "Our Daily Bread!"



"Suicide Survivors-Finding God in All of This"

A dear friend has a wonderful Christian website devoted to supporting mothers who, like my friend, have lost a child due to suicide. Even those of us who have not known this particular loss can benefit from reading what she has posted. Dale's group is located on the Daily Strength site at this web address:


Helpful Resource Links for Bereaved Moms



 ~~Strength for the Journey with Joe Stowell





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