Sunday, November 9, 2014


I believe that a special day of remembrance for nonmilitary battlers, should also be observed once a year!  First and foremost, in my mind, is to honor Moms who have fought, or are currently fighting, probably the hardest war there is...The Child Bereavement War…

Veterans Day honors those military who have served the United States. I used to think it was for primarily honoring those who'd given their lives. I read recently that it is actually the opposite-honoring those veterans still alive. Which is a wonderful observance, and I am all for it. But there's a part of me that thinks, perhaps there should be, a special observance set aside for those who have  fought valiantly (and perhaps not so valiantly-perhaps they're still MIA), battles of another kind... Internal struggles of epic proportions... All struggles pertaining to the tortuous, psychological warfare we've endured.  Those of us who have experienced battle wounds and blood loss in our childhood-perhaps making some of us, prisoners of war for awhile…Sometimes in the midst of all that suffering, we can seemingly go "AWOL".

Bereaved Moms are like Generals, trying to recover, from the horrific physical loss of one or more of our troops- those under our Command-our children. All the while trying to maintain troop  (family) cohesiveness and stability…

There are any number of private wars that have been fought- sometimes won and sometimes lost-yet we mortals are all soldiers, fighting a strong foe. Thankfully, we have the strongest Commander in Chief there is-Jesus Christ-who leads us ultimately to a final victory over self. His Mercy is unfathomable. His Kindness knows no limits. Not even Time can interfere with His ardent desire to Save Us…Time length is said to greatly expand, shortly after death, giving ample opportunity to partake in "There are no atheists in foxholes!" belief. Those who will at any point in time, allow Him to lead the way, will return Home from battle-to a warm and generous welcoming by many. 

We are  the Church militant-all of us who continue our struggles, amidst periodic enemy gunfire. We may spend time after physical death, as the Church suffering (in Purgatory) and we won't become the Church triumphant...until our wartime is ended, but by then we've crossed over from hostile enemy territory into Friendly Territory-aka "Our Heavenly Home". We'll be reunited with all of our loved ones, and some very special war comrades…for  a different and positive kind of eternal, "Call to (Loving) arms…"
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