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MARCH 1, 2015

Lisa would be 31 years old today, had she survived the wreck. It is hard for me to wrap my head around that fact. In this picture, she is 4 and 1/2 months old…nearly half of her life spent already... I so wonder what she would have looked like. What she looks like now…

Although Lisa is physically deceased-yet her Spirit is very much alive. 

"The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing." 
John 6:63 NIV

If being Spiritually alive is what truly matters…who is really "alive"…and who is considered "dead"? Lisa- is perfected in her Spirit…and I- still have soil stains left on my soul…Lisa's Spiritual body is vibrant…my physical body is decaying daily…some would call it dying…Therefore, I conclude that Lisa is much more alive than I am!

I could never look at such a viewpoint during early bereavement. I did believe their Spirits were still alive. Yet what "death" was, seemed so black and white. My children's physically being able to be with me, was what I equated with being "alive".  Permanent physical separation, I equated with "death". The separate natures of physical and Spiritual did not seem to matter much to me back then...all I could understand was the near despair upon their death... and separation from me.  Like so many of us, it took a very long while before I could even say the word "dead", next to the words "Lisa" or "Michael"... Seeing that in print, precluded an emotional meltdown…
When my children transitioned…my entire reference point for what constituted "life" was turned upside down. I had to learn that physical death, had nothing to do with separation (where it mattered) and everything to do with continued relationship and Spiritual Presence.

Gradually, I came to understand that "separation" is merely a myth. That because Lisa is with God, she comes as part of the delightful package that God brings with Him when He manifests Himself. And when He seems far away yet in truth is never far away. Lisa is never far away.

In honor of Lisa, my gift to her is a donation to one of my favorite charities, "Food for the Hungry". I had made up my mind about this a couple of days ago. Today in the mail, I received a donation request from them-nothing out of the ordinary, right? Yet upon studying the letter-I saw something that I feel is a "sign"…Here is the letter:

"22" times seems like an odd number to be the matching number…until I saw the connection and the "Godcidence"…

December "22" was the date of Lisa's birthday into Heaven…

Signs are such sweet comforts! Thanks God! Thanks Lisa! (and a shout-out to Michael and Tim!)


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