Sunday, May 20, 2018



 Photo 1: In the very beginning of my grief journey after losing my family, all I could see was scorched ground. I couldn't lift my head up and saw nothing but earthly destruction.

 Photo 2: After a period of time I could lift up my head and look beyond the earthly destruction to see renewal possible, but struggled with the fullness of their joyful existence without me, without the life they could have had. We could (should?) have had.

Photo 3: When healing progressed, I saw renewal of health, and growth --for both myself and my deceased ones. But I couldn't reach them; there were so many obstacles in my way, such a long way to go before I could see them easily again. But blue skies were definitely present among the clouds.

Photo 4: It's now a feeling of a "straight shot" right to them but it's still aways off and how much longer does the road continue on? The obstacles separated are offset by the gorgeous blue sky that is shining through and illuminating my path forward towards them. I remind myself, "Keep trudging along the road and you will get there eventually--guaranteed!" All roads intersect at a level where we mortals cannot perceive. God, the great architect of the universe, has made all things united.



Dale said...

Donna, your visual aid through the forest of grief is a good analogy. I sometimes identify with each as I struggle along. If my path was seen it would look more like a very curvy up and down potholed passage but with a far off light beckoning me forward. I'm anxious to get to the Light, to feel relief, to feel that I have arrived. Never ever to look back.

LOVE and Brandon bear hugs, Little Lisa and Michael hugs, too.


DONNA--(Admin) said...

Thank you, Dale. I, too have had anything but a linear path present during my bereavement journey! In a general way though, the pictures indicate the most prevalent thinking during specific stages.
My latest stage is...just plain missing being physically with them. I’m no longer “tortured” by my grief but wearied from prolonged longing. Love to you and your dearies, Donna

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