Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today is "Father's Day"...I think America tends to forget the most important Father of all...GOD THE FATHER...

Jesus often called Him His Father...and then there's the famous "OUR FATHER who art in Heaven..." prayer we all learned in Sunday School. Why don't we ever wish God a happy Father's Day? Why is it so removed from our thinking that the thought doesn't even enter into our minds?

I wished my true Father a happy Father's Day today...My biological father has transitioned, and I've told him "Happy Father's Day" today. But the one and only true Father--my Higher Power-- is right here with me, also...and should hear me voice my gratitude, too!

What more could I ask for in a father than what God has given me? ...True love forever and manifestation of all that entails in all its various forms, functions, actions and responses...Love without ceasing. Without conditions. Without any strings attached. 

I think He's definitely worthy of being wished a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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