Wednesday, March 20, 2013


"Pennies from Heaven" seems like an old, trite, old wives' tale or just plain outdated form of communication from our transitioned does happen repeatedly to many bereaved Moms...and I am one of them.

When I am feeling most down...this is when I will see them... And it's not as if they are way far away from where I'm at... but one thing they have in common is they seem to appear out of nowhere or are EXACTLY where I am at that moment in time. 

Examples are: Finding one in my locked up gym locker where no penny was there before. Finding one in cabinets where there was none to be found prior. Finding one on the wooden picnic table immediately in front of where I randomly sat...and just the other night.... I was walking in the grocery store and suddenly I hear a little clang in my left ear (the one that is deaf) and look down. A man's foot had apparently kicked up a penny immediately where I was standing in the aisle. He was oblivious to it and I was smiling inside!

One time I was at church and kneeling down and "Wait! What's that? It was a perfect replica of a penny (made by some stain) on the floor..I actually reached for it...thinking it was a real penny! Regardless, I was comforted.

That seems to be the purpose of the God sent "Pennies from Heaven"--COMFORT for us...

In Heaven, there is no need for monetary devices whatsoever...perhaps my beloveds feel an empathy with our constant striving financially...thus the "penny" being chosen as a sign that they care. Or perhaps it's the "In God We Trust" motto on each coin...?

Next time you're gifted with a sign from your beloveds (and it needn't be a penny-it can be whatever speaks specifically to you!) Tell them (and God!) "Hi there!" and offer Thanks for the gift!

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