Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Life-Saver

     Bereavement is often depicted as "a journey"--the journey no Mom ever wants a ticket for. This plane ride is definitely a "long haul" one! Please read "About Me" to know my "entry point" on my journey (the tragic, instant deaths of my entire family--husband, daughter, son). 
     Jesus has been my life-saver when I've felt adrift at sea. He's reeled me in because He's been my tether line. What's amazing to me is that His tether line has an unlimited amount of length and matter how far away I drifted. 

     When I was newly bereaved, I looked at the length of the journey ahead-- and felt as if I could never walk for that length of time! I was wrong...because I underestimated God's infinite ability to assist...He definitely has "Advanced Life-Saving Training!" Being the author of "The Book", He well knew how to save my flailing body from the treacherous waves of grief that swept over me. How did He do that? By infusing His Strength into my Spirit, primarily through the helpful people He brought into my life. Here's a couple of examples:
     1) I needed emergency surgery immediately after the wreck... and it was almost Christmas. An excellent orthopedic surgeon... JUST HAPPENED to still be available at the hospital, as he hadn't left for his vacation yet. 
     2) I needed a place to help care for my broken body when I was discharged from the hospital after the wreck and there was kind, elderly Beatrice (a complete stranger)... who JUST HAPPENED to take "boarders" into the modest home that she and her mini poodle Bebe shared. (btw, I love dogs...and cats!).

     I'm sure all of us Christian Moms can look back and see wonderful examples of how He was there for us...and we don't pass those off as just mere "coincidences" as so many do. We recognize that the One who loves us, ACTS in our life, in loving ways. Oh, we do have that hurdle about "Well why didn't God STOP my child from dying?" After much pondering on that biggie, my answer is "I cannot know in this life, but God's got " alot of 'splainin' to do" (remember "I Love Lucy?") in the next life!

     As Christian Moms...we know that we are traveling "Home!" We HAVE a destination point. And...arriving at our destination point means being met "at the gate" by our loved ones! We have SO MUCH to look forward to!!!



dale said...

My dear friend, Donna....I have been inspired by your life's story and how you have responded to this tragedy of great loss ever since I "met" you online. You and I have loss in common but we also have our faith in common in a wonderful, loving, merciful, Father. Our hopes have been met in so many ways in spite of this horrific grief.

I am so glad you started this blog. At least, as Christians, we do not have to be persecuted here by others for our belief in Christ. He is our only HOPE...our Salvation....our true Savior. Thank you, dear friend, for going with your intuition about starting this blog. It is much needed in a fallen world where in these times Christians are ostracized and dejected for their convictions. I know your faith-filled blog will be comforting to many who are bereaved. Already I feel strengthened by your unconquerable spirit in Christ!!

I ask God to protect you and to give you peace so that your blessings of words and inspiration will shine on all who enter here. I love you sweet sister.

DONNA--(Admin) said...
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DONNA--(Admin) said...

(new to this!-- I replied using incorrect link so deleted)
Thank you, Dale. I hope that you will find peace without persecution here... because believing in Christ can certainly cause others to "challenge" us! This is not helpful to a bereaved Mom, in my humble opinion.

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