Saturday, February 2, 2013

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We all need the input of others to find our way through the dark times in our lives. has selected the best websites that, in their opinion, offer the grieving the most comprehensive solace.

I listed them all as active links to each site in the latest offering of the "LINKS" page, here on my site. If you'd like to-- check them out!

I feel a deep sense of peace these days...ONLY...when taking "it" back to the Cross. If I feel unfairly judged, mistreated unnecessarily...All these things become bearable for me when I think of what Our Lord suffered, too-- while physically on earth. 

I tell myself that no injustice, rather real or imagined, escapes GOD'S notice...That is something Scripture seems to indicate that God almost snickers at...thinking that anyone can do anything without Him being aware of it. The Giver of Consciousness itself...NOT being aware of what's going on? I remind myself of His incredible power and I breathe a sigh of relief. The burden is off of me and onto Him to "get me out of this" whatever is ailing me...after I do my own part by taking as much action as is judiciously needed on my own behalf. 

Some people have almost a "laissez-faire" attitude about "Letting go...and letting God!"...I feel that we're still expected to try within our capabilities to use our minds and bodies to help to resolve whatever it is...and then leave the rest up to God to assist where needed. Sometimes, that means He gets to deal with the whole enchilada, as the problem is just too big or we are just too humanly frail and wounded to get in there and do battle. "Our part" in those situations is to actively take the problem to God in prayer. God, being Compassionate and Omniscient, is right there assisting us-- setting things in motion even before we ask or are aware of the need.

Last night I was reading how the disciples worked hard all night long fishing, and didn't catch a single darn fish. Then Jesus entered the picture and spoke a few words...and their nets were so full...they were bulging with fish after floppin' fish! 
I remind myself of Whom I am dealing with, when I am feeling overwhelmed. As it says somewhere (!) in Scripture; "Is anything too hard for Me?" also, this time paraphrasing, "Why do you go about worried, as if you have no Saviour?"

Psalm 37:8  " not fret--it leads only to evil."   

I start to relax after I think on this and feel that by continuing to"fret"--it is almost like saying to Jesus...
"I don't really trust you...that's why I am so worried 24-7 about this...You have limited power, and obviously cannot be trusted to fully deal with my problems..."

What the heck??? This same Jesus who died for us, suffering an incredible amount of very real physical, emotional and Spiritual agony..."doesn't" care to save us from what is severely troubling us?
I can't believe in His power if I can't believe He can "get me through/outta this!"

Prayer is so essential to reconnect to the Power of Worry Relief. Results may  not come immediately, but even then, we trust that, for whatever reason only He knows, it "is" the way it is supposed to be/happen/occur/ this point in our lives... knowing that Jesus is always by our side, never deserting us...

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