Sunday, January 27, 2013

This photo is an explanation of why I have not posted for awhile. According to

"As the flowers most often associated with funerals, lilies symbolize that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death." 

In my case, the "death" has been a long term relationship and the old way of looking at certain aspects of my personal life. With newly opened eyes- like a newborn newly emerged from the womb- I find there is much more "space' to be had and more to life, than I previously thought. This photo- with the cross in the background- signifies to me the part that Jesus continually has, in restoring me back to completeness with His guidance and healing Presence.

So much of life is about change...With God on our side, I needn't fear change. God is there to catch me (us) when we fall. Many of us as children, experienced little or no unconditional love...God's all-loving way; continually and constantly loving us, no matter what--is like the glue that holds my spirit together when I'm feeling broken or shattered emotionally. He is the ultimate "Super-glue!" With God, we cannot separate ourselves from the Super glue of His love unless we forcibly and willfully do so with everything in our human power! Otherwise we're glued for LIFE!

I think of Jesus facing the suffering of His upcoming crucifixion...the big change from the tossing down of cloaks before Him a short time previously upon entering Jerusalem ...How He did not give in to panic. He was even able to sing a song with the 12 apostles during that Last Supper...Talked to the 12 about the "Joy" that He had and wanted them to have also...All this as He knew fully the horror that lay ahead of Him.

He looked PAST the immediate future... into the long term future. This is something I try to do when troubled...
Remembering the words of an Uncle now transitioned "We're just passing through...just passing through..." He drank a beer or two, smoked when he liked and had the most serene countenance I think I've ever seen on a man. I remember him mostly for his refusal to stress over life's more troublesome events. I would need that lesson learned. Most bereaved Moms do.

Thank you, Uncle Tom for helping me to understand the concept of Matthew 6:34..."Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof..." In other words..."Don't sweat the small stuff!!!" 

One day we will be free from all the pain and strain of earthly life, like our transitioned children. But until that day, to keep myself strong enough to carry on...I (we) need the strongest Super glue around to keep tightly bound to Whom we're to be bound to forever...Jesus!

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