Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Girl 101

It's not easy to deal with the curves that life throws us at times. I've been dodging direct hits for quite some time now and my blogging lapse has demonstrated. What I've learned through my recent trials, is how important it is for me to remember THE BASICS. Starting with A for Alpha in order to get all the way to Omega. All the way to the One who is the biggest VIP in my life...Jesus Christ.

You can't get to the end of the alphabet unless you start with (or the equivalent of)  "A"-- So--why do I feel as though I can zip through my troubles by taking what seems to be an express route?  I have needed to remember recently, that "I" cannot do anything bearing fruit, without Jesus helping me with the gardening.  I THINK I can manage my life doing it "my way"--but even after countless flops at that, I still keep trying to go it alone. At first. When I finally stop long enough to take a few deep breaths to quell my growing anxiousness, I hear the Lord telling me as He did to many in the Bible..."What are you so afraid of? Why so troubled? Where is your FAITH?..."

Giving up control of my life doesn't come easily to me. I tend to equate spirited fighting back, as the first step in the taking of action. Why do I wait until I'm worn out to remember to let God in to arrange things to His liking? 

I want what I want when I want it, that's why! If I can just get things done quickly, maybe God will just go along for the ride on my desired ends, I'm figuring. I'll take the steering wheel first God, and drive where I want to go. Sadly, that never works out for me. It's only when I let God in to take over the steering that I get to where I best need to go. I don't have the road map in front of me like He does. 

Somehow I think a shortcut will get me "there" faster. But by doing that... I often get lost...completely needing His direction to guide me where I need to be. Not necessarily where I would have chosen at first, but always best in the "end" for me. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for taking me back to basics and being patient with me when I stubbornly  think I can do it all alone. Thank You for gently holding my hand, guiding me back the right way. Going back to You, always means continuing forward with me!  "A"men to that!  
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