Saturday, December 15, 2012


The other day I read a tidbit about the symbolism of "birds." I was looking up information online about "The Infant of Prague" statue. A detail of the statue often includes a small bird. 

Birds, "symbolize the soul" I read. How interesting to me, because I have often been comforted by birds! I feel that they are my deceased children communicating to me that "they care."

Most of the time when I see birds, it is because I am (only human!) down in the dumps about something. Along comes birdie...staring at me for the longest time, even when other birds would have flown away...I get the message and am quietly comforted. 

One time a bird hopped over to me as I was recovering from nearly being hit by a car. Not a fun thing to have happen when you're whole family died in an accident and yourself almost killed also.

 Hop hop hop came the little birdie.. right over to my feet...stopping right in front of me, watching me quietly sob as I sat on the bus stop bench. Just intently staring at me for the longest time...he got my interest aroused-- and suddenly I didn't feel the need to feel sad anymore as this was far more "interesting"! 

Finally he flew away, the bus came and I was happily exploring London once again...God sends His comfort wherever we go...we are never far from Him and His Love! 

               ~ Praise be to God!!! ~

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