Sunday, November 4, 2012


Many times grief is described as being on a journey. There's always an arrival and a departure with a journey. If we know our child is going to be away for an indefinite time and we have concerns about their safety, their happiness, their overall experience of where they're at...we can get worried. We can be anxious, distracted and basically unhappy-- as our "mother-instinct" goes into overdrive.

BUT...after going through all that pain... if my son calls and says he's heading back home...he's in town now and we'll be seeing each other soon...IMMEDIATELY I feel light, happy, relieved and stress free. Assured he's "OK."

I'm not worried any longer.  Or sad. He still isn't yet with me...but it's completely different as to how I feel about the whole situation with him being gone. Why? Because I have an assurance that I will SOON be with him.

I think it's similar to being a bereaved Mom. In the beginning, before I was able to let my faith support me completely--I had all the earlier stated worries and concerns for my children-- now gone before me into uncharted territory.

 BUT as the years have rolled on and my journey has been so long...I feel almost like I've just gotten the call saying we'll be together soon. 

I'm older now--I was 28 years old when the wreck happened and now I'm 56. Now that the last half of my life is here, I feel as though I'm giving my kids a kind of spiritual call saying, "I'll be home soon kids! " And I'm excited about that! 

Reunion is the reason I have HOPE. The reason I was able to carry on at all was the hope through Jesus and His promises, assuring me that Michael and Lisa are still alive and we'll be together again one day...

Our child's Departure from this life always means someone at Arrivals is holding His child in His arms, saying "Welcome Home!"
That give me real peace. 

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