Sunday, March 31, 2013


For bereaved Moms...Easter is the most "celebratory" of all religious celebrations in my opinion! What other day celebrates being risen from the dead...thus assuring us of our children's well-being? Christ was deader than a doorknob and yet rose victoriously to herald in the life that is truly "Life"-- 

How blessed we are to have a glorious future to look forward to...and being in communion with the rest of the redeemed! 

The other day I had a misplaced piece of mail in my new mailbox. It was an Easter card from an Orthodox Church...written in Greek. I found the image on the front of the card rather interesting...

It was all pastel colored, showing a rather lonely pastoral scene...with nobody around in sight! I find that slightly daunting...the portrayal of Heaven as "solitary"... I believe that Heaven is far from solitary! 

I envision it as a place where we are in constant contact with loved ones...both old and new...with never a dull moment to spare! With no physical need to "rest"--why would one presume we are "inactive"-- 

"Eternal Rest" has always had a spooky evocation to me...It always made me feel isolated and alone. Something I want nothing of when I'm "upstairs".  Being free of all physical limitations to completely understand my friends (I've struggled with being completely deaf to speech in my left ear for my entire life)....I'll want MORE of people...not less... when I'm finally, truly able to "be" with them-- without strain!

I have dismissed from my mind any association with Heaven that has anything that's the opposite of    

and of course the all-encompassing 


~~ Alleluia, Christ Has Risen...Christ Has Risen,  "IN DEED"! ~~

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