Saturday, September 7, 2013


"For we are not unaware of his schemes" is a verse taken from the Bible (2 CORINTHIANS 2:11)...This verse has troubling text. Not only does it state that Satan is alive and kicking, but that he tries to scheme against us. And as with Jesus, so with us..."at an opportune time"...(Luke 4:13)

Having a good couple of days? Feeling re-energized with life again? Thinking you can make it...that the coast is clear and you can come out of your foxhole and finally relax and breathe in the fresh air?
That was me this week...and then BAM!!! One assault after another-- to wipe away any smile re-emerging from the prior bombardment of stress, in this battle called "mortal life"...

I have learned over the years to be "on guard" be careful about what I verbalize as something I am particularly fond of...Because...I couldn't deny the continuity, of my expressing a great love of something... and then...restaurants would suddenly close; favorite people would suddenly depart; stores would close their doors after years in business...only after I made a fuss of how much enjoyment I received from them! Over the years, it seems as if more "mundane" things that "I love" now kickstart the "loss of enjoyment train" rolling along... Mere coincidences? I do not believe that is the case. 

I'm all for one's having great love and enjoyment of something.  I personally know I have to be alert to the very real possibility-- that emphatic, outward expression of such-- MAY cause the enemy to attempt a touchdown by throwing the ball toward his own "END" goal...

St. Hilda said essentially, that Satan touched and ruined things out of his jealousy and envy. Starting with the loss of my children and husband, (my most dramatic and gut wrenching loss) "hold" on things in general, has been less strong than previously. I know only too well that loved ones,  or just things in general, can disappear overnight. In an instant. My perspective on "holding onto" rights changed.

I started out my Christian journey not believing Satan was even a real,  physical entity. I thought that evil was the result of poor choices people made. More like the rotten fruit of a ruined tree...But, a certain experience I had one depressed night, forever changed my idea about Satan not being alive. No-Satan is very much alive... and he's strong... and he is armed and ready for battle. My life experiences  have certainly demonstrated that reality...

It would almost be too frightful to continue of if we were faced to battle with him all alone on our own...He is a formidable enemy...much stronger than us...BUT--Jesus is even stronger! With Jesus at our side, we no longer have to fear the wiles of the enemy dragging us down toward defeat.
Jesus' name is very power-full...I say it often when I am fearful.  "When I am afraid I will trust in Thee" Psalm 56:3). There is power in the name of Jesus...the Name whereupon all knees shall bend in praise and adoration...

Here are two links-- one short and to the point, and one longer and more detailed-- that talk more fully about the tactics of the enemy and just what this "scheming" entails:

I try to always remember, as hard as the battle can get..."JESUS SAVES!"

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