Thursday, November 28, 2013


For bereaved Moms, a hearty "Happy Thanksgiving!" greeting, can cause a near meltdown--especially for the newly bereaved.

Thanks for "WHAT?" we scream inside…Christian or non-Christian  alike…"Thanks be to God" is nearly impossible to voice…when our beloved children have died before us and we feel totally EMPTY. How do you give "thanks"--when you are feeling as though you possess NOTHING…?

Flash forward to nearly 30 years since initially bereaved of my children, Michael and Lisa. I can and do "Give thanks to God"--because I can now see the greater picture. I couldn't escape the pain, early on-- and my sight was limited to what was immediately in front of my face…seemingly nothing. I couldn't see THEM physically alive, and so they were just  "gone"…

But now I do "see" them…aside from signs and visits...I "see" them with me in the future…at our reunion in Heaven.  I practice "patient endurance" until then. If I look at the big picture…ETERNITY shared with them…I can stay in the game, until the final blast of the horn. The "game", is the competition between holding fast to the promises of God…or succumbing to the secular "They are gone forever" with no joyful reunion to anticipate.

Being a Christian includes the TRUST that God truly has the power to resurrect our children. That even though their bodies are deceased…those bodies were merely "shells" encasing their beautiful souls, which have gone to their true Father…a generous giver Who gives our children splendid RENEWED bodies... clothed in Light, Love and Forever Joyfulness…

We have much to be thankful for…God promises us reunion…One day surely coming, we WILL be able to embrace once again, the gifts our Eternal Giver has lavished upon us…

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