Friday, June 27, 2014


There's a water fountain in my new backyard that gives me so much joy. As soon as it's turned on and the water is bubbling out of the top, lots of birds come by immediately. All sizes and types drink, and frolic--sometimes even bathing-- in the water…The one constant,  is the constantly nourishing water they receive.

This comparison-- to our own partaking of the refreshing "water" that Christ offers us, doesn't escape me. There it is, this fountain, bubbling up non-stop (or at least as often as I remember to fill 'er up!), never being discriminating, in it's nourishing role.

Wouldn't that be ridiculous, if my water fountain refused a crow its drink? Or maybe my fountain just didn't like temperamental cardinals? Whoosh…the water would suddenly stop its flow…this would never a reliable fountain be, at all!

Oh how lucky we are, that Jesus offers ALL of us-- His cool cup of refreshing Spiritual drink. And that without condition or prejudice. Toiling in the heat of the day, regardless of whether we are well educated or well "bred", we suffer from a kind of emotional wilting.  We need our Creator to tend to His garden!

He alone can cause our harvest to be abundant. But an important, initial priority, is the spiritual health of His workers. His offer to help us to thrive and to grow, is constantly before us. We choose-- whether we live Spiritually satiated...or in a kind of constant, spiritual drought. For me, "I'll have another glass of "water", please! Thank you!" My cup overflows...
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