Sunday, April 16, 2017


I love this religious holiday. Jesus being resurrected from the dead is the very reason "I," can live again after my husband and children died. There's reason to hope again that my life is still living; because He lives, they live also. 

I like what I read once, that either Jesus was a raving madman or . . . He was telling the truth. I believe through His loving actions performed and compassionate way of living--that He spoke the truth. My family's death isn't the end of the story. God always has a better Plan B. I'm looking forward to it! I believe it will be as if we'd just stepped over into our new world, when it happens. 

My cat Abby just couldn't understand why she couldn't go outside on her leash the other day. It was too late in the day and coyotes are known to prowl for food around here at dusk. How I wished I could tell her why she had "to wait awhile" in a way she could understand. But that cannot be in this life. I wonder if God feels a little sad for us, because we have to wait for our desires and are unable to comprehend the "why" and yet He very much wants our happiness in all things.

Another interesting occurrence was found in a tiny, vintage book written in 1843. I found this for $1.50 at the library bookstore I volunteer at. Inside the book was an ancient pressed flower encouraging the reader to read a passage primarily speaking  about "It is well with my soul." Which just happens to be a favorite "God is blessing me with this song" of my friend Dale. One other page was dog-eared. I turned to that and found a passage talking all about how God "Restores." The concept of which was etched in my brain somehow, right after my family's tragic accident and been a constant focus-thought for me ever since.

Easter Day today and I just had an interesting occurrence. A little girl just asked me if she could help me as I worked on my front yard's flowers. This reminded me of when my first Fall rolled around after my toddler Michael had been killed. How I'd longed to rake up leaves only for him to scatter them again. And when I felt the saddest, that's when God sent a young neighbor boy I'd never met before--to walk down my sidewalk. Someone who just wanted apparently, to wordlessly rake leaves with me for a couple minutes and then silently continue his way down the sidewalk.

Jesus' Resurrection was huge --but small miracles abound around us if we just pay attention. 
                                                             "Happy Easter!"
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