~Michael and Lisa--last photo together~

My son Michael--just past two years of age--gave me a startling pronouncement before he died...that has been a constant source of soul-support for me.

Merriam-Webster dictionary states that a "pronouncement" is "an authoritative announcement." That is exactly how it sounded when Michael suddenly started to tell me...

~~"Going HOME to be with Jesus!"~~

The first time he said it was approximately two weeks before the accident happened. And only when we were in our automobile... would he ever say it.

The first time it was said, Michael was hesitant on the word ordering--sounding as if he was almost being prompted (his Guardian Angel maybe?).

"Going HOME" he said...then "Be with Jesus!" and then finally "the whole enchilada"-- "Going Home to be with Jesus!" I remember he had an unusual, almost wry, kind of smile. As if he were suddenly very pleased with  himself, thank you!

I remember wondering just what was going on. And wondering where he had come up with that statement-- because I was certain no one had ever told him anything like that. I was with Michael full time, 24/7 as I wasn't employed, and we had no relatives living near us.

Michael "proclaimed" his statement several times, and only when I was present to hear it. Once, my husband was driving and Michael made the announcement. I recall telling Tim, "See, he's saying it again!" And Tim grabbing the steering wheel with both hands, pretending to avoid a collision and saying "Death and destruction!" and asking me "Does it make you afraid, like we're gonna die in a wreck or something?" I remember thinking that was NOT very funny...

What Michael said has been a tremendous help to me over the years, and something a deacon once told me "should be shared." And so I began telling everyone I thought, perhaps might benefit from hearing what Michael said.

Over the years I realized...that Michael had never prefaced what he said with "We" as in "We're" going HOME to be with Jesus. Or saying "Me and Leesee (Lisa) and Daddy..." That was left out. The reason for that, I believe, is because of the universality of his message...ALL of us are... "Going HOME...to be with Jesus!"

Matthew 21:16 
   "And said unto him, Do you hear what these say? And Jesus said unto them, Yea; have you never read, Out of the mouth of babes and infants you have perfected praise?"
         (King James 2000)


dale said...

Yes, "out of the mouth of babes!" I know your faith has surely been tested during the years of their absence but to have come back so strong is a testament to your faith. You are truly doing the Lord's work by sharing the good news that "going home to be with Jesus" can be the best news ever out of the mouth of babes! I believe it was the message he was hearing from his angel. It is a blessing to have that in your heart and mind.

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Before they died, I would often hear what appeared to be a "conference call" going on in the room they shared, after they woke up from their nap. I would open the door and they'd look like they'd "just gotten busted!" I felt like I wasn't supposed to be "in" on the conversation. Then I would ask them, "Are you talking to your guardian angels?"

Although Lisa wasn't old enough to speak words, her tone was so lilting and inflective when I listened to her (outside of their door) that it seemed to me like she was quite the pint-sized talker!

Linda said...

I remember you sharing this amazing story! God is good and was He preparing you or comforting you afer the tragedy? Or both. Just amazing...gives me chills.

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Linda, it was both ways, but comforted me more after the wreck happened. It gave me pause, before the accident. But afterward, I was strengthened because I knew that God knew...in advance. He was still on The Throne. I gained a greater belief in angels, too, because I saw Michael repeating what "someone" was clearly "prompting" him to say! It also brought me great comfort to know that Michael has been utilized as a spokesperson for Jesus! I love how God uses the so-called "weak" of this world, to accomplish His purposes.

dale said...

It also goes along with God allowing me to KNOW through the song "It Is Well With My Soul" that Brandon was "well"...not as I would have wanted in my selfish human way...but as God knows it...and so does Brandon. We are certainly given signs and messages. I never had a reason to believe before my son left...but now I know without doubt!!!!! And that was God's peace sign to you when Michael proclaimed he was going home to be with Jesus.

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Yes, God and Brandon did let you know...in a special way that speaks especially to YOU! That is one of my favorite songs. It is powerful! And you're right, I was given "a peace sign" that helped to heal my heart and soul.

There's usually not a whole lot that a 27 month old child can say... that will have lifelong "repeatability"...but in this case...there definitely was!

Marys Daughter said...

I must say that this reality has always been an enormous blessing to me. This baby, so close to God and so untouched by the world because he was in safe and loving hands with two wonderful parents, was WIDE OPEN to God. And, for some reason, *knew* the car was the place to make this prophesy and so did your husband when he made that "joke": without knowing, he was speaking a prophesy that was, somewhere, in his mind and soul. You MUST share this, as often as possible and with whomever will listen. It is a VALIDATION of enormous proportions that we are not "accidental" or meaningless, that God has His finger on each and every one of us and that He is able, should we allow it, to communicate with us. This is an enormously important story and I hope you give some serious thought to writing a book. There's a huge demand out there, books on such topics fly off the shelves. People are hungry for Truth and they can't find it.

DONNA (ADMIN) said...

Thank you! I do feel a responsibility to share Michael's God-given wisdom...maybe a book might be an option...I'll have to give serious consideration to that idea!

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