Friday, January 1, 2016





I'm currently in the process of writing down as many of the wonderful ways that God has helped me during my lifetime. I'm hoping to "self-publish" a short book via Amazon, and my end-goal, is to donate all the profits (hoping there'll be some!) to a charity the feeds the hungry ("Food for the Hungry"). I'll probably wait to write new blog posts, until this little project is accomplished! I'm in the process of editing, and think I've got the lion's share already done.

I'm sharing a quote that I recently came across, and really like it. I think it's a good thought to share on this first day of 2016…

"We are to each other either a fragrant rose or a piercing thorn."  

(Thomas a Kempis)   

May we all find that 2016 enables us to grow in the love and knowledge (usually in reverse order!) of our wonderful friend and Saviour…Jesus Christ.



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