Thursday, March 1, 2018


Lisa's last portrait. (Nine months young.)


Today, March 1st, is Lisa's birthday. She was only 9 and a half months young when she went to Heaven, along with her big brother Michael (2 yrs. 3 mos.) and their Daddy. Had she stayed here on Earth, she'd be 34 years old! Today I decided on a new tradition to honor my family. 

This also being the birthday of a friend of mine, I was busy picking out and sending her one of the online greeting cards she and I get a kick out of sending each other. It suddenly dawned on me . . . why not pick out a birthday card for Lisa? One of the "talking" cards that she can listen to. Why hadn't I thought of doing this before? 
I scoured through the cards to pick one out as if she were merely living in a different state. (Which technically she is, now living in a Spiritual "state.") I found just the right card. A cute one with a cat in a rainbow wig. Funny, that cat exactly resembled the cat in the photo I have of Lisa smiling at a cat on our doorstep. That one was a grey tabby . . . just like this one on the card! That rainbow wig the cat on the card is wearing  . . . that's the same kind Michael had once worn with a Halloween costume! Humph, kinda strange, this one card having two similarities like that.

I used every last one of the allotted characters when typing out what my chosen female voice would say to Lisa. The additional, written "personalized note" was also carefully worded. I then "previewed" the card, listening to the playback two times. I felt Lisa with me, listening too. Even though I believe that loved ones are always around us Spiritually, sometimes their presence is just sensed more easily than at other times. For me, that's on bittersweet days. 

I'm planning to send Michael and Tim a talking card on their birthdays now, too. And maybe I won't stop at just their birthdays. Why don't I send them a card just as I would've had they not left for Heaven? 

Thank you, God for giving me the idea of how I can send smiles across miles.


Unknown said...

Donna, I love this idea! The similarities in the card to events in your children's lives is so neat!
Ed and I were always giving each other cards and writing each other even though we only lived a half mile from each other. Now, I write him letters and cards and bring them to the cemetery, tear them up and let the wind bring the words to Ed. I tear them because where Ed's urn is buried they have many rules about what can be left on the flat stones. I believe Ed receives my messages and I receive his. Happy heavenly birthday to dearest Lisa! Love, Linda ♡

Dale said...

Happy 34th Birthday, Lisa.

Donna, I have been leaving cards at Brandon's grave for years. I put them in a freezer bag to protect them until I return. I have never shared that with anyone except Mike. I think it's a great idea, myself. It's a special remembrance. Why not? You will find it is gratifying to your heart. I believe they will know. God bless you. Brandon bear hugs for "little" Lisa and you.

Dale said...

Linda, I guess we grieving mothers must do whatever it takes to "connect" to our children on their special occasions. I am convinced they know our hearts' messages written on the wind or whispered like prayers. A mother's love can not be contained. Sending you and Ed Brandon bear hugs!

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Thank you Linda for your comment. I love the imagery of letting "the wind bring the words to Ed." Reminds me of helium balloons that are released and headed upwards to Heaven!
Much love to you and your dear, Best Friend Ed!

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Dale, thank you for your comments. That is great that you've been doing this kind of thing for years. Like you said, whatever it takes to "connect" to our children on their special days.
In my early grief, "cards" never crossed my mind. It took me the longest time to even acknowledge they'd truly left this planet since I'd never even been to their funeral. I think as I've healed, I'm now much more open to a lighter touch in how I go about remembering them all. (Lisa's card being a humorous one.) Sending much love to you and Brandon Bear!

Unknown said...

Hi Dale, Thank you. Your words are an affirmation for me. Much love to you and dearest Brandon from Ed and me. ♡

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