Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I've often thought of the joy my children experience in Paradise. I've thought of the joy "I" hope to attain, in Paradise.

But what about God? What's in it for God?


Finally, He gets to answer all of those questions we've asked so very many times-- over and over again…along the nature of "Why God?" How He must long to give us the clear answer right now! When we get to Paradise, we will be able to fully understand the answers to all of our questions. How that must bring joy to our God! 

I read somewhere that Jesus' burning passion is to GIVE to us…and He longs for us, to invite Him into our lives, so He can do just that! When we're finally with Him in Paradise, how satiated He must be--finally having His love not only understood, but reciprocated!

We're not the only ones looking forward to our Reunion…Love's fulfilled joy, is always a 2 way street!


Dale said...

YES!! We will KNOW. I have often thought that instead of a question and answer session, we will just KNOW. Our children already know all there is to know. And yes, God will be happy to give to us as we also will to Him. It will JOYOUS!!

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Thank you, Dale…I think our knowledge in Heaven..."will far exceed our expectations!"

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