Friday, August 24, 2012

Sharing HOPE

Why this blog? As a bereaved Christian Mom, I have a strong belief in Jesus. Society tends to label anyone who freely speaks of their love of Jesus... as a "Jesus Freak"--and so be it! "I" know that it was not of my own strength to have survived a mother's worst nightmare! Jesus called His disciples His "friends." He calls US His friends, too. And friends stick up for friends! I cannot tell "my story" without constantly including Jesus, who was "the" most influential force in lifting me up off of the ground when I was down for the count. I was getting "knocked out"...until I weakly held onto His outstretched hand and He lifted me to my feet. Taking me from horizontal to vertical...what He does for the deceased, AND even for those of us who've stopped living while yet still alive...

You bereaved mothers know of what I speak! We've all experienced that drop to our knees collapse...just like we had all of our air just sucked right out of us-- when we've learned of our child's death. The horizontal to vertical...those two points make the fitting is that?! My belief in my children being taken to Paradise was and continues to be paramount in my survival. 

My desire for this site is that it be a site of HOPE and a place of sharing God's many and myriad miracles, wonders and signs given to us in this life. A place where a bereaved Mom can go and come back feeling refreshed and not drained.

 I don't know the exact ins and outs about gravity...but I sure feel (and see!) it's effects. There is "head knowledge." And there is "heart knowledge." Faith is of the latter variety. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Jesus tells us "A student is not above his teacher" (Mt. 10:24). Also, He said to them, "Therefore every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old." (Mt. 13:52). 

It is with the hope of fellow Christian moms bringing out of their own storeroom their "treasures" of faith, whether rusty with age or brand spankin' new...and sharing them with others who BELIEVE...that is what this site is intended to be all about. 


dale said...

Dear Donna...this speaks right to my heart. I love the analogy of "horizontal and vertical, those two points make the cross" adequate description of humbleness and pain. Where but on the cross was this so lovingly demonstrated...and also, in our own grief and loss. But the rest of the story is about power...the power to overcome and know the hope of a life eternal.

I think of my sweet, strong, boy who spent most of his short life developing his muscles and his heart...and his spirit. The latter gave in and gave it seems...but his love of and belief in Christ has made him whole in Heaven. Never to be depressed and disappointed again.

God has sent me signs in my deepest, darkest, grief and has not let me suffer about not knowing my son's whereabouts. I think of other Christian moms who may go through this unnecessary hell that I went through in the beginning and even now, on some days...when the devil is back at it again. "It Is Well With My Soul" has been the song sent to me in the most miraculous ways and in a very public way...others have witnessed it. God never fails to come through for me when I need to hear from Him the most. I am blessed to know this and will confess my Savior forever and be glad to throw my rewards at his feet in Heaven on that day. Thank you for this cherished place to not be persecuted for what I believe. It is like a home hearth...much like those wonderful Lawson cards you send on Christmas that give me a warm feeling of comfort. I love you dear friend.

DONNA--(Admin) said...

Thank you Dale. We may never know the "Why?" of the deaths of our children...but as you said, we DO know the Where? answer. The "Who?, What?, Where? and When? answers in regard to their newly transitioned Life are..."Who" they're with-- (God)-- "What" is it like --(Paradise)-- Where did they go?--(Heaven/Paradise)--When will I get there?--(When it is "my" time to transition). He leads the way...we follow... He is Our Shepherd. Brandon is NOT dead...he is ALIVE and WELL in Paradise and we are blessed by our wonderful God to "know" that! I would like all of us bereaved Christian Moms to feel that, on this site, we can all sing that wonderful song you've been blessed with..."It is Well With My Soul" without feeling persecuted for our beliefs! Love you too!

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